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these figures in 2008 mean in the figures for today. let's say obama gets again 80% of the minority vote. let's say it again, to actually be competitive in this race, it would have to go up 18 points in this election. that turnout does not change despite the shift in eligibility. 26% as you can see on this chart. it is now based on a recent poll that came out. i think it is the gold standard for polls. no offense to anyone else in the room who had their own poll. they do it right and they have a 3000 person sample. it is pretty reliable stuff. they give you a lot of interesting demographic rates. this shows among likely voters that obama is leading by eight a point. if you look the averages, that is high relative to the average. the averages from about four points. probably up by five points, this is within the averages. the overall topline, look at the black black at the margin, 91 points, that seems identical with obama's margin in 2008. seventy-two among hispanics and it is not that far off. also 22 for romney. what it means is that the idea that obama could get 80% of the minority again i
is the necessary work. succumbing even in the kind of world that obama gets elected and you have the republican congress a think that there's a decent chance we are going to get a fundamental tax reform and i would added that on to the list. dewey ultimately get the consumption tax? ayman economist, so i can certainly make the argument for why we, are there. i don't think that is part of the debate right now. we are a fair way away from that. but we will see. i do think one of the risks, which i think people largest founding is the notion that free essentially bargaining the strategic reasons we will go off the fiscal cliff. in the sense that the advantage of doing that is then the tax rates recent back to where they were at the beginning of the bush administration and then you can have a different debate which is a debate about what's to a big tax reform that includes cutting the taxes for most people, and that is the more attractive to date for both sides to have them the current one. and so, you know, there is a lot of work being done on what is the economic consequence going off the cliff?
president obama announced new efforts to end subsidies for chinese auto parts exports at a campaign stop in cincinnati. the romney campaign has been accusing the president of not doing enough to stem the flow of manufacturing jobs to china. the president's remarks are about 35 minutes. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ jericho. >> hello cincinnati! [cheering] thank you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. it is good -- it is good to be back in cincinnati. [cheering] it is good to be in ohio, it is great to be in this beautiful setting. you know, it seems like we should have a picnic. [applause] who has got the chicken? love chicken, love potato salad, baked beans. who said beer? it is beautiful. can everybody please give andrew a great round of applause for that wonderful introduction. wasn't a great? tirico. [applause] now let me say first of all, we could not be prouder of andrew's service to our country as a veteran. we are grateful to him. obviously we are very proud of the work he is doing and the work he does with his union but the thing i am most proud of is the fact
is barack obama in terms of -- >> rod's a trailblazer and a hero of mine. >> i think the best way to describe it is sort of it's the viral beating heart of the internet. >> more with becausefeed reporter andrew kaczynski sunday night at 8 on c-span's "q&a." >> you're watching c-span2, with politics and public affairs. weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights watch key public policy events and every weekend the latest nonfiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedule at our web site, and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >> radio and tv host tavis smile ri and princeton professor cornel west are on a tour to discuss poverty in america and the issues relevant in the presidential campaign. we talked to them on "washington journal." >> host: well, two familiar faces to the "washington journal" audience are joining us to talk about what they're up to, but also to talk about the most recent poverty figures that have come out from the u.s. census bureau. tavis smiley, of course, and cornel west of prince
quo has not worked. we cannot afford four more years of barack obama and we are not going to have four more years of barack obama. we talked to cnbc host maria bartiromo about wall street's view of the economy. this is 50 minutes. >> host: joining us from our new york studio is a familiar face to anyone who is turned on cnbc, maria bartiromo who is the anchor of closing bell on that channel. maria bartiromo i want to start by asking about to headline this morning in "the wall street journal." the side-by-side numbers trouble ahead. this is about the drop in durable goods that was reported yesterday and the headline next to it is, obama trumpets revised job data, saying we are adding jobs. how would you describe our economy today? >> guest: i think right now the economy has worsened. you have got a jobs problem pretty severe and persistent. at 8.1% of the country without a job and of course we know that does not include those who have simply stopped looking so then employment rate is or like 11 or 12% of the country. you mentioned the durable goods numbers yesterday. that indicated thin
that president obama sent a red line to iran and are you saying you think that's a mistake? >> trudy rubin, the "philadelphia inquirer." follow it onto marcus question, i would like to ask you what you feel the predominate feeling is inside the israeli security about what is the real nature of the threat that iran presents to israel. the prime minister has produced an apocalyptic terms and the rhetoric makes it easy to adopt that position. the iranian intent is to a breakup capacity and they couldn't dare to hit israel because they destroyed our solemn, 2 million palestinians and ensure that part of their country was abbreviated. how do you think the predominate feeling among security experts within israel tends to be one way or the other? >> in previous cases, those on the iranian past decade than with other threats reportedly dealt with by israel, we've never seen this kind of discord we've seen in the past year. what do you think it is that it's changed? we hear so many voices coming out of israel, discussing not only politics and decisions mentioned, the possible decisions, but the sec
million dollars. the president, president bush approval rating was in the 30's. barack obama speaking to the crowds of hundreds of thousands in europe. there was a fervor for his candidacy on the part of the press. to figure out how to win, and i am the person that said we should take a look at sarah palin from alaska. >> you know, that moment freezes and slows down. [laughter] we spent a couple of days of the jersey shore, and i remember every aspect of the moment. i could smell the smell of long beach island. the salt air, the cars in front of the house. i pick up the phone and i called rick davis and i said we should take a look at sarah palin. the vetting the was done i said it's very important. rick was in charge of the vetting process that she would be fully and completely back. they would do it 20 lawyers and a couple of days with three lawyers over a couple of weeks for all the other candidates and there were four parts to that. you can do a documentary on this alone. >> i do want to make that the parts that we are talking about. but i think there is a lot of context on this.
had today, i would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge as a person charged a president obama to be the democratic national committee to barack obama and joe biden across the finish line, and especially interested in any efforts the price would deny voting rights as i know you all are too. it is really shocking that we need voting rates in 2012, but we press on. chairman cleaver, thank you so much for your friendship and your leadership and for all you do for the african-american community and all americans as chair of the congressional black caucus. gwynne moore and the guy who has my back, andre carson, thank congratulations and her co-chairmanship. the program you put together his outstanding i look forward to participating in the workshops and events. i know a number of my colleagues are here today. mel watts, marcia thach and i'm glad to hear that excellent choice. the great john lewis and charlie rangel and so many others. it's a privilege to serve with all of the nations capital. 47 days until americans go to the polls. there is so much work to be done in so many fronts
nominated by president obama to be our ambassador to iraq. and i think all of us on the committee are pleased the president has nominated somebody of high caliber, great experience, who is our defense server vanessa the deputy chief of mission in baghdad for the year and previously served as ambassador to jordan and executive assistant to secretary of state, colin powell and condoleezza rice. while america's war has ended in iraq, the struggle for iraq's future obviously has not ended. the violence is down, but al qaeda and iraq remains a very deadly foe and iraq may not capture the jays today headlined. then no one should make the mistake to somehow come to a conclusion that iraq doesn't present extraordinary challenges. this administration has worked tirelessly to ensure that it doesn't become a forgotten front. we put in place a road mac on a browser to have issues. political, economic, educational, scientific and military. our bilateral partnership has potential to contribute, we believe to the stability in the middle east. but iraqi leaders have to decide for themselves what
. i'm happy to say that the president obama, secretary clinton a, a very, very appreciated. the u.s. government, by no means , supports anything like this. and it is for that reason that we do not see a reaction in the first week. but there will be forces still uses of attendees to get their own design. again, you need to trust us. in declaring it a holiday we think we were able to manage it better than if it had not been declared a holiday. the children, office would have all been the open. would have had more of the charity to cover gate. the type of security measures that the government was able to take by putting in strong, you know, diplomatic missions, we have been able to protect, and that is our responsibility to do so. so, again, allowing us the privilege of knowing how to deal with the situation as it arises. but what is important is that we don't misinterpret. this is one person. this is against what he did. exactly what he said. the united states government response, very good. the united states government about the president thomas secretary clinton, senator perry, as
opportunities for government on me or president obama to score political points at the upcoming debates or another forums and let that argument might sound like on these issues and is there any earthly chance to either of them a try to do something like that? >> the only case that has gotten onto the radar of the broader public would be health care and i think it would you reference back. the supreme court because the economy takes all the oxygen out of the election was a little bit of foreign affairs committee supreme court doesn't play among independent, undecided voters. it's a motivator for one space to get out and get to the polls because you want this person to replace justice ginsburg when she retires, for example. health care is the only thing that resonates. i don't know of any practical, it would be the point that the obama administration defends the defense of marriage act and president romney will defend the constitutionality, but it doesn't seem that social conservative question has a lot of allotted salience in some unlike a presidential debate. so i think other than healt
applauded president obama as new policy allowing the qualified young illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. the president calderon spoke on the council on foreign relations in washington, d.c.. it about the drug trafficking and the movement of weapons across the u.s.-mexico border. this is about an hour. >> to have the president of mexico felipe cow roane -- calderone. this meeting is on the record and it is being communicated by videoconference so we beg you, turn off all of your wireless devices, phones, blackberrys, not to vibrate, but off. it's the maximum time of the conversation with the president. my introduction will be an diplomatically short. if you have the president's resume if your papers that were given to you as you entered the hall. let me simply say that president calderone, the yondah stuff five boies earned a bachelor's degree in the law and economics, and master's degree in public administration at the john kennedy school at harvard university. he became, a supporter of the party for the national action party becoming the president of the youthful organization and in th
shouting to obama. and and that's what i have have. but nobody is calling for a day of rage or the victim being killed in this country. yesterday five yemenys were killed and people should asking who is morally responsible. the president said , i mean, i was appalled when i read the facebook of [inaudible] more than 24 hours after the storming of the american embassy in cairo. it's a short statement. it starts by denouncing the so called movie or video. and -- and it ends by saying i ask my embassy in washington to take legal action against the people who produced the movie. many the middle, i'm not exaggerating with, it's in english now. in passing he says as government we are responsible for the protection of public and private property. no mention of the american embassy storming. no expression of sorry or condemnation. it was not inseesive. it is appalling. this is a man who acts if it is still underground in the opposition and not the responsible leader of 75 million people dealing with the country like the united states which is crucial of the obama administration the way they suppo
coming down on them, and what we have seen recent administrations have come under the obama administration with the bailout of certain industries, the takeouts certain industries, not necessarily socializing something, but becoming partners with gm or chrysler or with the health care situation. were you could point to certain things with the pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical industry was in favor of certain things about certain other things require no co-pays or require that generics shall not be used. this tends to favor the industry. you have partnerships come you have partnerships with ethanol and that or whatever. and so he you can point the finger to a bunch of parties. i think that the pure forms of the republican party are pure conservatism, and they have a tendency to stay away from that. >> host: david pietrusza, in the 1920 election, was the corporate interest of randolph hearst involved? >> guest: they are such dabblers in politics. william hearst is a radical figure, a radical democrat. he then becomes quite conservator later in his career than supportive of co
to the private sector, and the obama administration understands that and it's i think it's one of the reasons they are supporting this proof of concept what a new care model would look like. now, let me just wrap up with a few sort of general things. i think we have a narrow window to make a new transaction to a new hx system before pricks and economics drive us to a action posture. i think it's true of the energy policy in the approach to economic development. we in the area of paradox. it is absolutely important we act while we still have the opportunity and the capacity to shape our own future. and as evidence i would simply refer you back to the high stakes game of chicken that took place in august over raising the debt ceiling to keep the united states from defaults on the debt. i think we can agree it was not the finest hour. in the end, congress kicked the can down the road by bumping the debt ceiling $2.1 trillion but doing almost nothing to address the underlining driver which is the intersection of the aging population and the medical system. i would remind you that 18 months agent
to come tonight speeches by first lady michelle obama and castro with the keynote address. here on c-span2, it's booktv all day everyday throughout the convention with highlights of non-fiction authors and books from the past year. and on c-span 3, also throughout the convention, 24 hours of american history tv. with lectures, oral history, and a look at historical american sites and art -- artifacts. >>> from the american museum of natural history in new york city. astrophysic talks about the history and future of nasa. and the u.s. space program. he argues that the exploration of space benefits more thans more than they might think. it's a little over two hours. good evening, everyone, and welcome. thank you for your patience. my name is suzanne morris, i'm the senior manager of public programs. we are thrilled to have you all here tonight, so give yourselves a round of applause. [applause] the american museum of natural history has been home to some of the country's greatest thinkers. scientists and citizens who have changed the way we understand scientific and natural phenomena. and ha
obama, you know, what do you plan to do for the next 50 years for this country, and i would hardly be a serious question. i mean, no american leader is long-term to think to the end of your term to the next election. so i think he did have a long-term is. at the same time, he was experimental and he didn't have six notion and he used the expression, across the river regrouping for stones. and again, that term is somehow attributed to dan, but he didn't invent the term. he used the terms, he used the ideas and he was a manager who put it all together and provided the direction, the firm hand that made it all happen. >> you also talk about a skilled politician and pushing through the de-collectivization reforms. we have seen just this week with the ouster of one of the leading stars of young leaders in china about personality, politics and factional politics remain very important in china. what enabled him to be so successful at managing and recognizing factional interests and factional differences? >> well, one thing i think he had the authority that came from working closely with m
president obama. and that's why we haven't been able to legislate. everything has been stopped. everything. we've been able to push through a few things but not many. as always, i will do everything i can to work with senators to get consent agreements to provide for consideration of this legislation. if we can reach agreement on this, however, i don't have much hope but i guess i'm always hopeful. but in the meantime, i'll do what i need to do to ensure that the senate can vote on this important measure. i'll do what we can to help create jobs for america's veterans. we need to do it for everyone. but can't we just agree on veterans? i know that now we're 30 hours postcloture. we all know the drill. scores and scores of times. the presiding sf is a new member of this senate, relatively new, served here going on two congresses. but he's an expert at watching this. the senator from oregon has watched this and he understands what's going on and it's not very good. so the time will run out on th this, 30 hours from whenever the vote was turned in, but we -- first of all, mr. president, we --
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